Nintex Specialist Bootcamp 5-day course in Copenhagen


Attend our in depth Nintex Specialist Bootcamp

Development of business-critical solutions are no longer a laborious process reserved to Developers in the IT department. Our Nintex Bootcamp allows you to build time-saving digital business solutions on your own. On our 5-day Bootcamp, we will train and inspire you in Nintex products and how to develop your own digital solutions and automate complex
business processes.


Our Nintex Bootcamp is targeted employees who have experience with Nintex and wish to share knowledge with fellow Nintex Ninjas. Get inspiration and new insight with the new Nintex products and thereby expand technical Nintex skills. Learn how to deliver innovative applications and self-service
solutions to your business.


The participants must have a good understanding and experience with Nintex and SharePoint libraries, lists, views, rights etc.

Bootcamp outcome

• Understand how to gather requirements before
configurering solutions.

• After the Bootcamp, you will be able build, maintain and further improve your Nintex applications.

• Achieve deep knowledge, get “hands-on” and latest insight of the Nintex product suite

• You will have a good understanding in visualizing your data and reports through dashboards using Nintex Hawkeye and Power BI.

• The solutions we produce during Bootcamp, you can take home and use in your own Nintex and SharePoint environment.

Bootcamp agenda

Bootcamp – build your own business solutions:

Day 1-3 – Onboarding
Day 4-5 – Inspection of the IT equipment

Day 1 – Onboarding
– Requirement gathering and specification
– Nintex Forms, configure the form

Day 2 – Onboarding
– Nintex Forms
– Nintex Workflow – automatic creation of jobs and new users in AD
– Nintex Docuflow – automatic document generation (employment contracts for signature)

Day 3 – Onboarding
– Nintex Workflow
– Nintex Hawkeye – Dashboards – Power BI

Day 4-5 – Inspection of IT equipment
– Requirement specification
– Nintex Forms
– Nintex Mobile
– Nintex Workflow
– Reporting

Technologies you will get “hands-on”
– SharePoint
– Nintex Workflow
– Nintex Forms
– Nintex Mobile
– Nintex Docuflow – automatic document generation
– Nintex Connectors
– Nintex Hawkeye – Power BI

Contact information

Questions or enroll for the Bootcamp. Contact Christian Hansen or phone +45 7021 4445

Course location PeopleNet A/S, Kejsergade 2, 1155 Copenhagen
Course fee: DKR 19.000 includes:
- Breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages every day
- Course material and diploma
- IT training room and facilities
Hotels nearby: For example Hotel The Square ****
on Raadhuspladsen,